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Safe Start CDL School, is North Carolina’s premier CDL school.  We offer over 25 years of experience in the transportation and driver training profession. Safe Start management team is aware of the current shortage of CDL drivers in the US and want to help fill the void. In the US, nothing moves without a commercial truck being a part of that move. Safe Starts wants to help you jumpstart your career as a professional truck driver. First year drivers can earn up to 60,000.00 or more in their first year of driving. Let us help you become a part of the #1 profession that is moving America.

Safe Start offers classes designed with the student in mind. Safe Start can offer both group and one-on-one training to give you the confidence and skills that you will need to be on your way as a Professional CDL driver. Our instructors are experience in both driving and training and will provide personal and professional training to all our students. Safe Start instructors will coach you through a thorough 160 hours per session, focusing on the three main areas on the Department of Motor Vehicles testing.

We can give the steps to do so and arrange housing during your training if needed Planetwin777.


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